Alimony & Spousal Support

Father’s Failed Business Is A Significant Change Of Circumstances Necessitating A Review Of Alimony And Child Support

Jul 13, 2016

In the New Jersey alimony and child support case of D’Alessandro v. D’Alessandro, 20-2-4388, App. Div., the plaintiff appeals the order reducing defendant’s alimony and child support obligations. The panel affirms, finding that defendant appropriately took action to try to save his business, maintain his income, and avoid bankruptcy, including reducing his businesses work force, […]

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Husband is Under an Obligation to Pay His Wife Alimony Pendent Lite While He Exhausts His Appeal Rights

Jun 21, 2016

In the family law, equitable distribution, spousal support case of Gabriel v. Gabriel, PICS Case No, 14-0777, (C.P. Lawrence, April 14, 2014), the Honorable John W. Hodge ruled that while husband was exercising his ability to appeal the court’s final economic order in the parties’ equitable distribution matter, he was still under an obligation to […]

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Spouses Foreit Intestate Inheritance Where They Act As A Divorced Individuals.

Mar 08, 2016

In the family law, estate litigation and estate administration case of in Recht, PICS Case No. 16-0074, (C.P Monroe, July 13th, 2015) the Honorable David J. Williamson ruled that where the parties lived apart for more than one year, resided in separate homes titled in their respective names, were financially independent of each other and […]

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Family Part’s Order To Lower Alimony Was Not Supported By The Court Record

Dec 01, 2015

In the family law, alimony case of Court v. Court, App. Div. 20-2-8340, the defendant Howard Court appealed from a Family Part’s order denying his motion to terminate his alimony obligation and denying his request to vacate his alimony arrears. The court found that defendant provided the court with sufficient evidence of his health problems […]

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Inheritance Is Not Income When Calculating Support Obligations

Nov 09, 2015

In the family law, spousal support and child support case of Schader v. Schader, PICS Case No. 14-1318 (C.P. Delaware, Aug. 6, 2014) the Honorable Barry C. Dozor found that it had sufficient evidence of appellee’s income, did not incorrectly fail to consider how he paid his support obligation, and did not err in not […]

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Former Wife Did Not Derive An Economic Benefit From Her Frequent Male Visitor To Terminate Alimony

Sep 29, 2015

In the family law, alimony case of Coshland v. Coshland, No. 20-778, App. Div. the defendant Edward Coshland, Sr. appealed from a Family Part order denying his motion to terminate alimony payments.  The defendant filed the motion contending that his former spouse, plaintiff Mary E. Coshland was cohabitating with a boyfriend, J.C. In finding defendant […]

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Length Of Marriage Is Only One Of The Factors To Consider In Making Alimony Award

Aug 26, 2015

In the family law, alimony case of Gnall v. Gnall, A-52, September Term, 2015, Elizabeth and defendant James Gnall were married for almost 15 years when Elizabeth filed for divorce. Elizabeth, who held a master’s degree in computer science, was a stay-at-home mother to the parties’ three children. James, a certified public accountant, was chief […]

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A Lengthy Period Of Spousal Support Was Not An Abuse Of Discretion

Aug 05, 2015

In the spousal support, family law and divorce case of Ayman W. v.  Magy W., PICS Case No. 15-1062 (Pa. Super July 6, 2015) the Honorable David N. Wecht, writing on behalf of the Pennsylvania Superior Court, ruled that the trial court did not err or abuse its discretion in awarding wife a lengthy period […]

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Suspended Physician Denied An Award Of Alimony And An Increase In Child Support Based On A Change Of Circumstances

Jul 29, 2015

In the alimony, child support, family law/divorce case of Ackerman v. Freitag, App. Div. No. 20-2-7342, the Plaintiff appealed from an order that denied her unopposed motion for reconsideration of her request for an award of alimony based on changed circumstances, an increase in child support and reimbursement of child-related expenses. When the parties, both […]

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Wife Is Entitled To Collect APL/Spousal Support Arrearages From Husband’s Estate

Jun 24, 2015

In the estate litigation, spousal support, family law case of Moser v. Renninger, PICS Case No. 15-0744 (Pa. Super. May 1, 2105) the Honorable Cheryl Lynn Allen, writing on behalf of the Pennsylvania Superior Court, ruled that despite husband’s death, wife was entitled to collect from  his estate arrearages resulting from an interim support order […]

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