Child Custody, Visitation & Relocation

Mother’s Earning Capacity Must Be Determined Before Determining Father’s Presumptive Guideline Child Support

Jun 07, 2016

In the family law and child support appellate case of P.W. vs. S.MS., PICS Case No. 16-0466, (Pa. Super. April 7, 2016), the Honorable Jack A. Panella, writing on behalf of the Pennsylvania Superior Court, ruled that the trial court erred in ordering the father to pay child support without first considering the mother’s income […]

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Jun 02, 2016

In the family law, child custody case of A.W. v. C.W., PICS Case No. 15-0887, (C.P. Lycoming, May 15, 2015), the Honorable Joy Reynolds McCoy ruled that considering factors relevant to the children’s best interest, including the need for stability and continuity, the court determined that the children should continue to attend school in the […]

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Father Awarded Primary Physical Custody Of Minor Daughter Because Of Child’s Positive Lifestyle With Her Father

Jun 01, 2016

In the child custody case of Blackshear v. Blackshear, PICS Case No, 15-0714 (C.P. Lawrence, March 17, 2015) the Honorable John W. Hodge awarded primary physical custody of minor child to father because the parties’ child was enjoying a positive lifestyle with her father and siblings and doing well in school. The court modified the […]

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Mother Held in Contempt of Custody Order for Fostering and Enabling Son’s Estrangement from Father

May 10, 2016

In the family court, child custody contempt case of Boehler V. Boehler, PICS Case No. 15-0050 (C.P. Lebanon, Nov. 25, 2014), the Honorable Bradford H. Charles found the mother in contempt of court given that mother’s conduct and attitude had enabled and even engendered the parties’ oldest son’s refusal to obey the order granting father […]

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Joint Legal Child Custody Preserved in Spite of Parent Living Abroad And International Travel Complications

May 06, 2016

In the international child custody, family law case of Costa v. Costa, 20-2-5469, A. 2078-1374, App. Div. (Jan. 12, 2015) the plaintiff Sandra Costa appealed the denial of her motion to terminate defendant Paulo Costa’s joint legal custody over their children. Plaintiff sought termination due to difficulties in obtaining the appropriate forms to allow the […]

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Father Awarded Primary Physical Custody of Minor Children Based on Best Interests of Children Test and Mother’s Anger Problems

Apr 06, 2016

In the child custody case of Marks v. Marks, PICS Case No. 15-0173 (C.P. Berks, Jan. 9, 2015), the Honorable Scott E. Lash citing mother’s ongoing anger issues, the court granted plaintiff father’s motion to modify custody order and awarded physical custody to father. Plaintiff father filed a petition to modify a custody order entered […]

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Grandmother Not in Loco Parent is Lacked Standing to Initiate Custody Action

Mar 28, 2016

In the family law and grandparent custody litigation appellate case, of D.G. and D.G. vs. D.B. and G.V., PICS Case No. 14-0762 (Pa. Super. May 2, 2014), the Honorable Victor P. Stabile writing on behalf of the Pennsylvania Superior Court in the case, ruled that grandmother, who played a large role in child’s life, but […]

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Earning Capacity, Not Earnings, Must Be Considered to Determine Child Support

Mar 17, 2016

In the family law, child support, post judgment matrimonial case of Oliver vs. Oliver, 20-2-2765, App. Div., plaintiff appeals from the Family Part order increasing his child-support obligation. The court granted defendant’s motion for an increase in child support and increased plaintiff’s child-support obligation from $115 to $181 per week. In so ruling, the court […]

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The Moving Parent Must Prove That The Child Relocation Would Not Be Inimical To The Child

Feb 28, 2016

In the family law, child relocation case of Ramshorst v. Cengiz, No 20-2-8210, App. Div. the plaintiff Maria Van Ramshorst appealed from the order in which the trial judge denied reconsideration of his refusal to permit the parties’ child to relocate with Van Ramshorst to the Netherlands. Van Ramshorst argued that the judge incorrectly applied […]

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Parental Grandmother Is Not The Psychological Parent And Had No Standing To Oppose Child Relocation

Feb 04, 2016

In the family law, child relocation of M.O. v. N.H., App. Div. 20-2-8597, the plaintiff, the paternal grandmother of 7-year-old J.O., appealed the court’s grant of the motion of N.H., the child’s mother, to relocate with the child to South Carolina. The father, Z.O., did not oppose the motion. The panel affirmed. Applying the standards […]

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