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The Financial Dissolution of a Marriage (Part 1)

The Law Firm of Pozzuolo Rodden, P.C., Philadelphia Family Law Attorneys, announces the release of the article “The Financial Dissolution of a Marriage (Part 1) “.

While everyone hopes their marriage will last forever, more than fifty (50%) percent of marriages end in divorce. When a couple separates they must begin to untangle the lives they so carefully built together, divide assets acquired during the marriage, social friends and make financial arrangements for themselves and their children. Typically the economic realities of divorce, including, but not limited to, temporary alimony known as alimony pendente lite or APL, alimony and child support can cause separating couples extraordinary stress and heartache. During the next two months this firm will explain in two parts the basics of dissolving the finances of a marriage to enable you to understand the legal process of divorce…

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