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Lessons From Big Money Divorces

Lessons From Big Money Divorces.

IF all goes well, we’ll never hear much about Rupert and Wendi Murdoch’s divorce. The News Corporation chief executive and his wife will reach a settlement out of court for his third and her second divorce. If talks break down and the divorce goes to trial, however, we could be in for a round of sensational stories.Over the years, I’ve tried to avoid writing about big money divorces like this.

I’ve just been a bit prudish about something that is at best sad and at worst tragic. I always think of the children. But there is certainly plenty of practical advice to be gleaned from such an emotional issue, which is why lawyers and financial planners should tune in to the salacious gossip.

What little is known — or can be logically assumed — about the Murdoch divorce provides lessons for people with far less money.

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Reference: New York Times (August 9, 2013) “From a Prominent Divorce in the Affluent Class, Lesson for All” & Family Law Prof Blog.

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