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A No-Fault Divorce: Why an Affair May Not Matter In Your Divorce

“He slept with his secretary.” “Except for spending all of my money, she never did a thing for the kids or our marriage.” “I’m taking everything, including the kitchen sink!” Emotional reactions like these are extremely common during a divorce. However, they have no place in the divorce proceedings where the need to prove fault has been eliminated, and the conduct of the other party is not a factor considered by the court when granting a divorce, dividing property or entering support orders.

Although many people believe the elimination of the blame game helps alleviate the emotional and financial expense of divorce, there are many others who believe the judicial system isn’t fair because they never got to tell the “real” story. This is especially true if a person believes he or she has been wronged.  However, it’s important to remember that in no-fault states, there is a huge difference between a moral wrong and a wrong which can be considered by the court.  So before you jump full bore into extracting revenge on the person who has done you wrong, think about the following scenarios, and find out whether your revenge will be more costly to you or your spouse.

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