Child Custody, Visitation & Relocation

Grandparents As Primary Caregiver

As American parents have grappled with financial peril and other woes over the last decade, grandparents have stepped in to help. Grandparents were the primary caregiver for more than 3 million children in 2011 — a 20% increase from the turn of the millennium, the Pew Research Center reported Wednesday.

The numbers surged during the economic downturn and have leveled off in its aftermath, Pew said in a report based on an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. Sixty percent of those children still have at least one parent at home, but grandparents are responsible for most of their needs.

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Reference: LA Times (September 4, 2013) “More Grandparents Serving as Primary Caregivers to Children” & Family Law Prof Blog.

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