Prenuptial Agreements

Wife Failed to Show Clear and Convincing Evidence to Invalidate Antenuptial Agreement

In the family law equitable distribution, prenuptial agreement case of Guido v. Guido, 20-2-5072, App. Div., defendant Christina Guido appeals from the Family Part order declaring the Antenuptial Agreement she executed nine days prior to her marriage to plaintiff Christopher Guido enforceable. Plaintiff and defendant married on June 20, 1992. At the time, defendant was a 23-year-old college graduate, and plaintiff was a 28-year-old law school graduate who came from a wealthy family and worked in the family business. Both parties were represented by counsel. Plaintiff’s counsel’s 1992 invoice indicated that he and defendant’s counsel had numerous telephone conversations regarding the terms contained in the agreement. The court found that defendant failed to present clear and convincing evidence that she entered into the agreement without full and fair disclosure. The appellate panel affirms the court’s finding that there were no genuinely disputed issues surrounding the enforceability of the agreement or found in its creation.

Reference: Case & Analysis, New Jersey Law Journal, 217  N.J.L.J. 726, (Monday, September 1, 2014)

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