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The ABC’s of Divorce

Of Divorce

Here are the ABC’s of how divorce works and why having a qualified, experienced Pa. divorce attorney is so important.
How Divorce Works
The process begins when one spouse files a complaint asking for a divorce. The one filing is the “plaintiff” while the other is the “defendant”. Either party can file for divorce as long as that person has been a resident of Pennsylvania for six months.

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are three types of divorce:
by mutual consent;
with a two-year separation;
when one spouse is at fault.
No matter what type of divorce is involved, the law requires a 90-day waiting period, after the complaint is filed, to complete the divorce proceedings.

When both parties agree to divorce, the divorce proceedings are then by mutual consent. This is the simplest option.

If the spouses have not lived together for two years or more, then one party can sue the other for divorce based on separation. This allows the divorce to occur, even when one spouse doesn’t want it to happen.

At-fault divorce proceedings occur when one party accuses the other of causing the marriage to fail, due to cruelty, adultery, desertion for 12 months, or indignities. With at-fault divorce, you need a Philadelphia family law attorney at your side.

How Much Does Divorce Cost
The cost of your divorce depends on whether it is contested or not. If it is by mutual consent, the total cost should be below $1000. If the divorce is contested and the proceeding is lengthy especially if there are property or business division issues , the costs will go up based on the following costs and expenses; attorney fees ,the attorney’s hourly rate, court costs, mediation costs, appraisers including property and business appraisers and retirement plan evaluators. .

Other Things to Consider
Divorce involves separating every aspect of your lives. This includes deciding on how to divide mutual property, who gets custody of the kids, who pays how much in child support and whether there be spousal support. You may have to go through mediation to resolve these issues.

An experienced attorney at Pozzuolo Rodden, PC. knows the process and can help you get through it with as little stress as possible. Call the divorce specialists at Pozzuolo Family Law today.