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What are my Adoption Options in Philadelphia?

Adoption Options in Philadelphia  

There are two crucial steps in the adoption processes, including preparing the child emotionally and legally while getting the likely adoptive family ready. The process involves a lot of emotions, evaluation, and paperwork. Decisions concerning adoption will often require a judge, a Philadelphia family law attorney, parents, the children concerned, and an agency. Adoption organizations are tasked with helping all sides through the process to ensure that it runs smoothly and quickly.

What are your Adoption Options?

adoption optionsEvery prospective parent starts the process with different levels of knowledge and expectations. If you do not have a particular child in mind, you will need to gather more information before you start the process. You can adopt a child from the foster system, and that can be a relative or total stranger. If you yearn to adopt an infant, you will need to seek the services of a private adoption agency. On the other hand, in case you want to adopt an older child or one with special needs, you have better chances working with the county agency.

What Things do you need to Take Care of First?
You will be required to fill out an application and undergo a preliminary screening. It is also required that you produce a certificate from the doctors as proof of your health. Your financial records will also receive scrutiny. A criminal background inquiry will be conducted to clear you of child abuse, which is for the safety of the kids you intend to adopt. However, if one of your household members has a record of child abuse, drug or alcohol-related felonies for the past five years, or was convicted as a sexual offender, your applications will not be accepted. Personal references are also required.

How Much Does an Adoption Cost?
Adoption expenses differ mainly because there are variable costs needed for the completion of the process. The cost structure of the professional you choose and the channel through which you will be going through also influence what you will spend. They include the domestic or international adoption agency and the foster care system.

Do you need a lawyer?
After coming up with a decision to adopt, you will need a PA. family lawyer to help you file a Report of Intent to Adopt. The law requires that, within the first six months before the adoption is finalized, you must receive support and supervision. A lawyer who is experienced in Pozzuolo family law will help you go through this complicated process. Contact Pozzuolo Rodden, PC. today to find out your  adoption options.